Help keep beach clean

Elaine Pretorius, Edgemead

I was horrified to arrive at Lagoon Beach on Sunday morning to see this huge amount of debris littering what is one of my favourite beaches in Cape Town.

According to locals, this litter originates from communities upstream of the Black River and Liesbeek River, ends up in the sea and subsequently washes up on our beaches.

One of the suggestions to prevent this, (first prize being to stop the rubbish at the source of course) is to place a grid or sieve at the Black River mouth which can then be cleaned regularly.

Of course the onus is on each and every one of us to reduce our use of non-recyclable products and to recycle as much as possible. This should become second nature.

Other ways to assist would be to join the monthly beach clean-ups. The next one is on Saturday September 2 – see the Cape Town Beach Cleanup group on Facebook for more information.

Beach Cleanup are doing a great service for the community, even providing fantastic job creation in so far as employing folk to sort and recycle what can be re-used.

Other good Facebook sites to visit are MilnertonRecycling and Zero waste to Landfill – South Africa.