Help make Christmas special

Letter to the editor.

Elizabeth Viljoen, Brooklyn

Unbelievably another year is nearly over, and it has been hard on everyone.

Even with Covid-19, we are still doing the yearly Christmas lunch for the homeless, elderly and needy in Brooklyn.

However, instead of a gathering, like we do every year, we will instead be doing a food parcel hand-out.

We will be taking precautions with masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing. In order to make this a success we need your help more than ever before. We simply need the community to help with whatever they can spare.

For those that wish to help with a tin of food, a packet of potatoes or even a chicken, we are happy to collect, taking all precautions. We are also open to vouchers.

Unfortunately, this year there will be no clothes or toys accepted as donations, only food items.

Call Elizabeth on 084 653 7309 or Warren on 084 567 9459 for more information.