Help paint town blue

Swart Security members, Mark Marais, Jason de Cruz and Louise de Beer, assist in wrapping the trees on the Bothasig SAPS premises in blue, in support of police safety month.

A private security firm has been wrapping trees at the Bothasig police station in blue cloth to mark Police Safety Month this September and honour the men and women who put their lives at risk each day to keep the neighbourhood safe.

During September, police officers hold campaigns to inform the public about police killings. There is also a commemorative service in Pretoria to honour those killed in the line of duty.

“This is a job where hopefully you greet your family in the morning, but you are not sure if you will go home in the evening. Attacks on members don’t happen often in Bothasig, but we don’t want it to happen at all,” said Warrant Officer Jacques Mostert, of Bothasig police station.

“The idea is that the local community conveys their support to SAPS Bothasig in any way they can. Members can wear blue on Fridays, light up the stoep with a blue light, place a blue flag or ribbons outside their residence, take a treat to the police station, or send a letter of thanks to the local newspaper or the station,” said Warrant Officer, Jacques Mostert.

The public can also take part in the “Paint It Blue” campaign by posting pictures and comments on the Bothasig Community police forum Facebook page.

Bothasig police are ramping up their self-defence training during September to ensure that officers are prepared for the unexpected.

“Sometimes seemingly safe complaints are not always safe, such as a call about domestic violence, which could become dangerous, so we want to ensure our officers are safe,” said Warrant Officer Mostert.