Helping hand for fisherman

Oliver Roberts with the fish he caught in Melkbosstrand.

Grahame Roberts, Gauteng

I came down to Melkbosstrand from Gauteng on holiday for the season with my 12-year-old son, Oliver, a very keen wannabe fisherman.

He had a fishing rod but soon found out it was not robust enough for casting out off the beach.

He asked Koos Marais, the owner of Melkbos Fisheries, where he could get a more suitable rod (Melkbos fisheries sell sinkers and hooks etc).

Not only did Koos offer to lend my son his own personal spare rods, he actually came to where we were staying to personally drop them off and refused any kind of compensation.

I didn’t think this kind of hospitality happened anymore.

I am very grateful and have included a photo of Oliver’s first catch.

Real kind regards from a Vaalie.