Helping hands

Melkbos businesses pulled together and donated clothes to the staff who lost their belongings in the fire.

Lynn Adams, Melkbosstrand

To all the superheroes among us, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who came to the aid of Thandeka Stables during a devastating fire on Saturday, August 11.

Lynn Adams, Melkbosstrand

The surrounding people in the Kleine Zoute Rivier area rallied around to contain the fire as best they could until the fire services arrived.

No loss of life but unfortunately the oat hay shed and all the staff accommodation with most of their belongings were destroyed in the fire.

We would like to thank the Atlantis, Belhar and Melkbos firefighters for responding so quickly as this could have had a very different outcome.

The people of the Western Cape equestrian community, Pep Melkbos, Pick and Pay Melkbos, Melkbos O’ Toole Hire, Melkbos Neighbourhood Watch, Melkbos Dog Club, Melkbos Park Runners, West Beach Veterinary Clinic, Wendy Tait, Linda Schouw and all the Thandeka clients for the overwhelming response received with regards to donations of oat hay, clothes, food and so on.

Thank you to Sarah Gee for co-ordinating the donation distribution.

All this generosity will make our road to recovery and rebuilding so much easier.

The owners and staff of Thandeka Stables thank you from the bottom of our hearts.