Helping others

Brendan Kerchoff,
Table View

I am that young gentlemen who assisted the elderly couple (“Young man saves the day,” Tabletalk, February 26).

My heart was breaking when I saw how stressed the couple were for making an incorrect turn.

We all do this, but at there age, circumstances are more difficult to handle.

It was almost a state of panic, but only because there must have been about 10 motorists or so who thought that sitting on the hooter would get the situation resolved, whereas, in reality, all it did was frustrate other drivers with a ripple effect, but, more importantly, it resulted in a intense stressed moment for the elderly, and not one person, neither walking past nor in a car, stopped to help them.

This is the entire issue with people these days.

One can clearly see that we are right in the middle of an astronomical change in human behaviour across the globe, where things like opening the door for a lady simply don’t exist any longer.

The value of life and helping another person without wanting something in return simply don’t exist.

And this is essentially what I do daily.

If I happen to witness something that is not right, I’m going to take action right then and resolve it in a manner which supports decent and natural human behaviour.

Just take a look at how kids of today are treating adults – the respect is gone, the upbringing is lost, and they are filled with anger, and everyone expects change to happen without making that effort.

This is like sitting on your very loud hooter and thinking it is helping.

People today are becoming angry robots, but if some of us take a stand and show natural caring and kind human behaviour, the ripple effects will be astronomical.

I don’t do this for the attention of others, I act in this manner simply because I know what is right and wrong and choose to rather stand up and say something than lie down and be a sheep.

Thanks, Pat, for your lovely message in the Tabletalk.

I’m only too glad that I was placed there to assist you while no one else would.