Hijack warning

The brick was thrown through the windscreen.

A motorist who survived a hijacking attempt along Milnerton’s Omuramba Road with a smashed windscreen and 13 stitches to his face is warning others to be careful on that route or avoid using it altogether.

The Sunningdale man, who does not want to be named, left work in Montague Gardens on Monday September 9 and was driving on Omuramba Road at 5pm when the attack occurred.

He had been travelling northwards, heading towards Racecourse Road.

About 40m past the Omuramba MyCiTi bus stop, he noticed two male pedestrians approaching his Toyota Fortuna.

One of the men, whom he describes as tall and wearing cream-and-beige clothes, threw a big piece of concrete rock with such force that it shattered his windscreen and hit him on the forehead.

With the rock in his lap and blood pouring from his face, the man managed to drive away as there was no traffic in front of him.

He could not see through the shattered windscreen and had to lean over the passenger side to look out the window while driving.

He drove to Mediclinic Milnerton where he spent two hours having his wound flushed and his face stitched up.

“There was glass in my eyes and ears. I got three stitches inside my forehead and ten stitches outside my forehead and one stitch on my lip. You could see right to my bone. Luckily there was no fracture,” he said.

He threw away his bloodied shirt, he said, because he never wanted to see it again and the staff gave him a blanket to keep warm.

The next day he opened a case at the Milnerton police station.

Captain Nopaya Madyibi, from Milnerton SAPS, said it was the first such incident reported in that area.

“We’ve checked our statistics and have only found this case. Currently there are no other similar cases,” she said.

The man said he wanted to warn others.

“They look like undecided pedestrians just casually strolling. You are compelled to slow down because you don’t want to knock anyone over. People must be alert. I won’t use that road again,” he said.