Historical significance

Agi Orfanos, Blouberg

As Tabletalk made a spectacular splash on its 30th anniversary issue, with a photo of the historic Woodbridge Island bridge on its front cover, one can only reminisce on the past 100 years of the bridge’s existence.

For any region to have some historical significance is indeed a privilege, which cannot be lost whatever the cost.

R30 million pales in comparison to regional or city-wide budgets, and this one-of-a-kind bridge is irreplaceable.

For it to last another 100 or 200 years for future generations to admire and walk over would indeed be an honour to uphold.

It can again become part of our leisure activities and a tourist attraction.

To forget about it is short-sighted and selfish and does not take into account the past and the future generations.

Many countries and cities around the world go to immense steps to maintain their historical heritage of engineered structures, monuments and buildings.

Well done to the City for its long-sightedness into the future.