Home used as illegal diesel depot

The Summer Greens community blew the whistle on a Soldier Way resident who has been selling diesel illegal from his garage.

Police have seized hundreds of litres of diesel from a Summer Greens home turned illegal fuel depot.

According to Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch chairman Reagan Croeser, the watch was tipped off about a man selling diesel out of his garage in Soldier Way.

The diesel was stored in 25-litre drums. All properties along Solider Way are zoned residential.

Watch members visited the house on Monday February 3 after people were seen filling up there.

“When we arrived, two taxis and one car were there. They were using a funnel to pour the diesel into the tanks,” Mr Croeser said.

According to him, the man quickly locked the drums in the garage and locked himself inside the house when the watch arrived.

Watch members tried to detain the people filling up at the scene but they fled before SAPS arrived. The man selling the diesel also fled his house.

A resident who did not want to be named said some people had photographed trucks offloading diesel but they were too scared to get involved.

Milnerton police spokeswoman Captain Nopaya Madyibi said police were investigating.

She said 23 25-litre drums of diesel had been seized.

“The court will decide on the penalty,” she said.

Fire and Rescue Service spokesman Jermaine Carelse said selling diesel in a residential area was illegal.

The Community Fire Safety By-Law also prohibited the storage of flammable substances in hazardous quantities. And fines of R1 500 could be issued for various related transgressions, including no application for a flammable substance certificate, illegal storage, illegal usage and no approved plan.