Hospitality industry takes to the streets

Pictured are workers in the service and hospitality industry spread out along Marine Circle in Table View. There are several restaurants in the area

Restaurant staff and owners and
hospitality workers protested in Table View
last Friday, calling for the government to
open the industry so they can return to

Under the slogans #JobsSaveLives
and #ServeUsPlease, their protest at Marine
Circle mirrored one in the city centre. 
Protesters said the lockdown regulations,
including an alcohol ban and a 9pm curfew,
had taken their toll on the industry. In the
city centre, police told the demonstrators
to disperse, saying they didn’t have a right
to protest, then used stun grenades and a
water cannon on them. 
Community Safety
MEC Albert Fritz, Finance and Economic
Opportunities MEC David Maynier and
mayor Dan Plato say the police’s response
was unwarranted given the reportedly
peaceful nature of the protest.