Husky finds a home

Charne Harris, Daisy Animal Rescue Trust

This is the story about a husky, later named Sasha, that lived on the beachfront for a month before finding her forever loving family.

Earlier this month, social media was abuzz with the news of a husky roaming the beachfront, with sightings ranging between Sunset Links to Atlantic Beach. Numerous attempts at catching Sasha were made by concerned community members, but she eluded them all.

It was at this point that the call for assistance was put out to Daisy Animal Rescue Trust, and Cheryl Lyn sprang into action, taking the lead on the rescue operation. In the days that followed the call, Cheryl-Lyn spent hours on the beachfront studying Sasha’s movements and soon realised that it would be a very difficult task to catch her as Sasha was fearful and distrustful of humans.

With the help of community members who phoned in giving information about sightings, it was soon discovered that Sasha slept near the garden of the Sonskyn Guest House at Bloubergstrand Beach.

This was vital information to determine the location of setting the trap. The trap was set up in Sonskyn Guest House’s garden, and in no time at all, Sasha climbed in – we think the aroma of the Kentucky Fried Chicken proved too enticing! Success!

Cheryl-Lyn had the following to say in the moments after Sasha was caught: “She was howling, but once we got on the back of the bakkie, she started getting closer to me, and then I scratched her back for about 20 minutes. She then fell asleep and stayed close to my side. I was so tearful knowing that she is safe now.”

After her ordeal, she was taken to a vet for a check-up, bathed and then it was time for her to be safe.

With the help of so many amazing people, Sasha is now happy in her new forever home.

We are happy to report that she has settled nicely and formed the most amazing bond with the family’s 12-year-old son.

A special thanks to: Cathandra Kilfoil, who loaned Cheryl-Lyn her vehicle while her own was in for repairs and for arranging a home for Sasha while the search was still ongoing; the SPCA for loaning their leopard cage for the trapping of Sasha; owner and manager of Sonskyn Guest House for a nice cup of coffee, a warm welcome and for the permission to set the trap in their garden where Sasha used to sleep at night; the manager of Onse Huisie for being so helpful and for his willingness to assist in the search for Sasha; Debra and Jim Petry for their invaluable assistance during the rescue, without which Cheryl-Lyn could not have pulled it off.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to the many other community members who rallied behind D.A.R.T and contributed positively towards Sasha’s rescue and now happy ending.

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