Ire over missing street names

Tillers Green is one of the streets that had its name painted and forgotten.

About 20 street names in the suburb have been painted over as part of a City of Cape Town project to give them a fresh lick of paint, according to the Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch (SGNW), which says the names have been blank for the past three to four months.

The watch says it’s worried the missing street names might delay emergency vehicles.

SGNW chairman Reagan Croeser said they had raised it with the Summer Greens Ratepayers’ Association (SGRA) but nothing had been done.

“I was told that the matter is being attended to and that the City would be fixing the street names soon.

“As much as I want the issue to be sorted out, it seems the bigger issue at play here is the fact that the City takes on projects that they don’t complete. There is a lack of communication as well because now we don’t know how long things will be this way,” he said.

Mr Croeser said the City also had a knack of not resurfacing roads it had dug up to fix leaking pipes beneath. “There is one such example in Sailors Green. There was a pipe leak about six months ago, which I had reported. They fixed it but the road surface is still bare and has not been repaired,” he said. But SGRA chairwoman Brigett Lloyd said she adopted more of a glass half- full approach when dealing with the City.

“I don’t like to focus a lot on the negative aspects of what the City isn’t doing but rather try to be hopeful and trust that the work will be done. I understand Reagan’s frustration in the matter though, but we have to often think and realise that our problems here in Summer Greens are not as bad as we sometimes make them out to be.” Joe Slovo and Phoenix had much worse issues, she said.

Grace Mthembu, a long-time Summer Greens resident, said she had not noticed any street names that had been painted over. “I don’t see it being a big deal, to be honest,” she said.

But another resident Zolile Kwatsha said those not living in the area “ might find it very confusing and frustrating”.

The City of Cape Town did not respond to questions by the time this edition went to print.