Justice must prevail

Trevor Moodley, Sanddrift

I respect your courage, Mr President, in the implementation of the policy governing “political and party funding”. It is long overdue, but on the right track to democracy.

The nation also stands together in protecting the rule of law and prosecuting criminals.

The real work starts here. Criminals have been exposed at various commissions, and the evidence is now out for all to see. But I want to know whether the law will take its course to ensure speedy convictions?

Please act now; do not wait for the end of the various commissions.

SAPS must “tag” them now as they are roving criminals.

Perhaps, as caring and law abiding citizens, we can combine our energies and muster that great strength which we saw in the “Zuma Must Fall” campaign.

It is combined physical strength, and mental empowerment that grinds the wheel of justice and makes it turn.

Also, if there is evidence that lawyers have colluded with their clients to defeat the ends of justice, they must be prosecuted and struck from the roll if found guilty.

More must also be done to protect the rights of whistle-blowers.

This new stance among civil society will definitely give us strength in knowing that our laws are there to protect us from evil.

We need to curtail this behaviour of protecting the guilty, otherwise there is, and will be no future for us, except a life of crime.

We either stand together, or we fall altogether.