Kicked off Facebook group

Jon Ralph, Table View

I am looking forward to (Leon Alhadeff and Mike Channing) making good on their promises (made during their election campaign).

Apparently they will whip out their magic wands and hey presto! The vagrants, taxis and litter will all disappear.

I was once suckered into a Facebook page called Table View Frustrated Residents and Rate Payers Association. I found it mildly amusing and used it for a few gripes, mainly about traffic and the misuse of disabled parking bays.

As the election approached, however, the tone became more and more political, with various people, including Leon Alhadeff using it as a platform to promote their own political party and to do a bit of DA bashing.

I objected to this as many of their stories had nothing to do with Table View at all and addressed issues from all over the country. I accused them of hijacking the site for their own political ends and this did not go down well.

My objections elicited abuse from members of what appeared to be Mr Alhadeff’s fan club. I was called “troll”, “narcissist”, “stupid” and best of all – “antichrist”!

I then discovered the site was apparently created by Mr Alhadeff and decided to leave it.

As a parting shot, I wrote an article which was promptly removed by Mr Alhadeff before many people had a chance to read it. I was then kicked off the site completely.

He himself then wrote an article giving his excuses for doing so. In it he had the nerve to call me a “lovely gentleman”. His excuse was lame – that because I allowed no comment it was not able to be debated.

This was a laugh as there had been no debate by either himself or any of his pals on any point I raised, just a lot of name calling. Also there was no cause for him to evict me as I had already stated my intent to leave.

In light of this one must wonder what Mr Alhadeff was so scared of others seeing.