Kidrogen launches project

Dunoon Taxi Association (DTA) taxi boss, Nkosivumile Ndikandika, Kidrogen chief executive officer, Andile Peter; DTA taxi boss, Sivuyile Tshaka and Batathe Ngcongco, chairman of the DTA.

It is our responsibility to protect what belongs to us, it is our responsibility to protect our livelihood, and we shall protect it with all our might”.

These were the words of Kidrogen chief executive officer, Andile Peter, at the launch of the new Project Khusela MyCiTi Operations at The Stable MyCiTi depot last week.

Kidrogen Pty Ltd, one of the vehicle operating companies (VOCs) that provide MyCiTi with bus drivers, announced that they would be increasing protection for all MyCiTi employees, buses, facilities, customers and the general public, through a company initiative called, Project Khusela MyCiTi Operations. The initiative aims to promote the safety and well-being of all MyCiTi customers as well as to ensure the continuity of the MyCiTi operation.

Mr Peter said the vandalism of MyCiTi stations and the recent torching of buses was a major cause for concern.

“As a result of this hooliganism, Kidrogen in partnership with the South African National Civics Organisation (SANCO) and the Dunoon Taxi Association (DTA) and with the much-appreciated funding of our sponsors fuel suppliers Kepu Petroleum and uniform and gear suppliers CASS Suppliers have through this initiative, extended the responsibility of the safekeeping of buses, facilities, drivers and the MyCiTi customers to the Dunoon community as well as SAPS in the areas and surrounding areas that offer the MyCiTi service,” he said.

The initiative is already under way but will kick off fully and on a greater scale in the new year.

The City of Cape Town said harsh punishments await those who have burnt MyCiTi buses recently and said these attacks on the service have cost the public R18 million (“Stern warning to MyCiTi vandals”, Tabletalk, November 28).

DTA general secretary, Frank Qotyiwe, said the project showed the community at large that they are against the violence and attacks on MyCiTi buses.

“As taxi operators, we also have a stake in these buses and we will not stand for the vandalism and the burning of buses. We condemn such behaviour,” he said.

Kidrogen said in the light of the ongoing unprotected wildcat strike and more notably the dismissals of drivers as a result of the unprotected strike, the Dunoon community, the taxi bosses and their associates and SAPS have come together and have committed to working together in protecting the MyCiTi service.

Captain Adriana Chandler of Table View SAPS said a business forum was being established with various stakeholders like the DTA and Kidrogen and one of the aspects which had been highlighted was that of safety.

She said the Blouberg area was fully operational due to additional safety measures which had been put in place.