Lagoon beach becomes war zone


The ground shakes as brown army tankers, the size of a ship, graze lush trees as it crawls through the Milnerton area, making its way to Lagoon beach.

Men in camouflage pour out of the tankers and start firing their weapons, sounds of a war zone ripping through the silent sky.

Then the director shouts “cut”.

The location is Milnerton, but the set is dressed to resemble war- ridden Somalia, which is the location for the second season of the BBC series, Our Girl.

The series, which initially starred Lacey Turner as Molly Dawes, follows Molly, a poor young adult who joins the British Army through a war-ridden Afghanistan and depicts the challenges she faces.

“Lots of people have been curious about what is happening on the beach. Our Girl season two is being shot here on Milnerton beach.

“It is basically about a military medic and her adventures around the world following British troops,” said Locations for Africa, location manager, Morten Nielsen.

“In this episode she goes with them on their peace-keeping mission to the Somalia border post and they come down to the ‘Mombasa Hotel’,” said Mr Nielsen.

He said the crew for Our Girl wrapped up shooting on Friday, April 29. They were then off to Manchester to shoot more episodes for the series.

“It’s been quite a pleasant experience. Some people who are used to having their private beach were a bit upset, and we had to stop a few people walking on the beach, because you can’t have a South African walking in ‘Somalia’, but many have been friendly and accommodating,” said Mr Nielsen.

In Our Girl season one, which aired in 2014, Molly made the decision to join the army, after discovering her boyfriend cheated on her and subsequently feeling as though her life has no purpose.

She initially keeps her decision a secret from her family, but signs up after they discover her plan, despite their protests.

Her first deployment is to Afghanistan as an army medic attached to a British Army infantry section.

On arrival in Afghanistan, she fights to prove herself to the men around her and also offers compassion to the locals. She also develops an understanding of what it’s like to be caught up in the Taliban’s war.

In season two, Michelle Keegan stars as the lead and plays Corporal Georgie Lane, a committed soldier who loves the adrenaline and adventure of her job, and works alongside aid workers in a refugee camp.

Writer, Tony Grounds, commented on BBC online saying he is excited to follow the mission to the Somalia border.

“Our new medic Georgie Lane, with tours of Afghan and West Africa under her belt, now has to deal with the fraught, perilous and ever-changing situation in East Africa.

“It is amazing to have such a talent as Michelle Keegan bringing Georgie Lane to life.”