Land invaders stone buses

The T01 MyCiTi bus from Dunoon to Waterfront was attacked during the protest.

Land-invasion riots rocked Dunoon last week as protesters stoned buses, injuring a passenger, and blocked streets with burning tyres.

The violence on Thursday March 8 came after City law enforcement officers earlier in the day tore down shacks built by land invaders on City land.

Dozens protested, burning tyres and hurling rocks at passing Golden Arrow and MyCiTi buses.

The violence seemed to die down by early evening on Thursday, but, according to City officials, more buses were damaged on Friday evening.

Transport and urban development Mayco member Brett Herron said five MyCiTi buses had been stoned on the bridge in Potsdam Road on their way to the depot, early on Friday evening March 9.

A female passenger in one of the buses had been injured by flying glass, he said.

The stations at Dunoon and Usasaza are still closed after they were torched in civil unrest last month (“MyCiti stations targeted, again,” February 14). Area north Mayco member Suzette Little condemned the violence and damage to property.

“Invaded land becomes a fire, flood, health and safety risk. It also prevents the City from providing proper emergency and basic services,” she said.

“We have many housing projects under way, as well as upgrading of informal settlements and the enhancement of basic services. But land invasions are a threat to these programmes.”

Dunoon resident Nozulu Mjekuva objected to people using the soccer field behind Sophakama and Silverleaf primary schools to build shacks.

“I know that people want houses, and I believe it is everyone’s right to have a home. But I don’t agree with how they tried to use the soccer field as a place to build houses. Where must the kids in the community go to practise their soccer?”

Ms Little said housing opportunities should be distributed fairly.

“Those who invade land illegally cannot be prioritised over others who are also in need and have been waiting long for formal housing or a legitimate site,” she said.