Leashless dogs attack seal

Lizelle Victor, Peerless Park, Kraaifontein

Today I write this letter to share a incident which happened on Sunday January 15 on the beach across from Rietvlei between Sunset Beach and Dolphin Beach, that I found to be very disturbing and heartbreaking.

I am from the northern suburbs, and I truly hope and pray this is not what happens out in Table View regularly.

My husband and I were with a friend taking some photos. It was very early at about 6am.

There were a few people walking with dogs early as they normally do. Two dogs came running past off leashes with the owners so far behind I could not tell if it was one or two persons.

Suddenly the one dog was going crazy, and the moment we looked back, the one dog was attacking a baby seal that was chilling on the beach. My husband and I tried to stop the dog, but we could not really do so as we would have been bitten by the vicious dog. I was shouting and we just could not get this dog to stop.

The owner rocked up there not really caring about what had just happened, and the moment I told her that she should have her dog on a leash, she just blatantly showed me the middle finger. Eventually her husband arrived with four more dogs on leashes. They owned six very large husky-like dogs.

I felt the incident was extremely disturbing that people have dogs out on the beach without leashes and more so that they let them run easily a kilometre or more out in front of them having no control over them.

People should be taken to task for such irresponsible behaviour, and a baby seal had to pay the price. These people were also definitely locals living in the area as the one gentleman mentioned that he walks on the beach every morning and he sees these dogs daily, so how many times has this not happened?

I feel the community should be aware of such incidents.