Levy objection

John A. Darne,Table View

I wish to register my strongest objection to the Cape Town council’s proposed water levy.

I bought my house in Table View in the 1980s. When I retired in 2004, house values had gone up quite a bit.

Since then, my pension has not kept up with the inflation rate, and I am finding it more and more difficult to come out each month.

On the other hand, the value of my house has increased by more than the inflation rate, and the rates have gone up proportionally. I am now going to be charged a levy based on the value of the house.

I find this most unfair. They say it will only be a temporary thing, but like so many other “temporary” things, they have a habit of becoming permanent. Another thing, my water consumption is usually below 1000 litres a month, so I cannot be accused of wasting water.

As the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance says, there are numerous other ways the council can raise funds for this purpose. Try stopping the big bonuses they pay their employees.