Levy redresses poverty

Levy Foya wants to alleviate poverty by donating school uniforms to children in need.

While it may be true that you cannot teach a hungry child, many take for granted the importance of a neat uniform to restore and retain the dignity of pupils – especially those living below the breadline.

Parklands resident Levy Foya believes a well dressed pupil performs better academically, and he is on a quest to give each child a new uniform, one school at a time.

“I went to school without a proper uniform. This led to me being bullied physically, mentally and emotionally. So I have started this project to bring happiness to our school children and in return improve our disadvantaged communities,” said Mr Foya who humbly refers to himself as “just a driver”.

Mr Foya, who has in the past helped to raise funds to pay for people’s university fees, said he had decided to turn his attention to “grassroot level” where the most help was needed.

He is urging small businesses, organisations, companies and individuals to support his project by buying school uniforms which will be donated to impoverished schools.

Mr Foya has chosen Marconi Beam Primary school in Joe Slovo to be the first school to receive new uniforms.

“I do not accept cash, all you need to do is contact me for sizes, buy the uniform and I will collect. On the day of the hand-over, you are welcome to come and hand in what you have sponsored. If your organisation raises more than 10 complete uniforms, you will kindly be requested to send a representative to hand over your donations,” said Mr Foya.

Principal of Marconi Beam, Bukelwa Plaatjies, said she appreciated Mr Foya’s project as there was a great struggle at her school as children were often teased for wearing old or second-hand uniforms.

“There is a high need for school uniforms at my school. Many of the pupils come to school barefoot. Many parents in this community can only afford to buy food with their grant money, so I feel this project will help to alleviate poverty in many households. Through this project, parents will at least be relieved from buying uniforms for a year or even two,” she said.

If you would like to join Mr Foya’s project by donating school uniforms contact him at 083 641 0974 or safeafrica3@