Limited MyCiTi service during lockdown

Commuters at the Table View MyCiTi station.

A reduced MyCiTi Bus Service will continue to operate in order to transport essential service workers and those who need to buy groceries, medicine and to access social grants throughout the 21-day lockdown period.

The national lockdown kicked off at midnight in a bid to slow down the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

The City says it will continue with its rigorous cleaning regime and safety protocols.

Buses will accommodate up to 50% of their passenger capacity in order to comply with the requirements of social distancing.

The number of trips will be reduced, and only the express stations will be open during the lockdown: Atlantis, Melkbos, Sandown, Porterfield, Table View, Racecourse, Woodbridge, Woodstock, Civic Centre, V&A Waterfront, Omuramba, and Century City, Wood, Gardens and Adderley.

The buses will operate according to the Sunday schedule.

Meanwhile, the Transport Management Centre will remain operational to respond to any incidents on the city’s road network.

The maintenance and operations of the city’s traffic signal network will continue. Teams responsible for the maintenance and repair of the major arterial roads will remain operational.