Liquor applications on agenda

A stern reminder that water saving is the City of Cape Town’s main priority topped the agenda at the newly formed Sub-council 3 meeting last week.

Held at the De Grendel sub-council chambers in Goodwood, on Thursday January 19, the meeting saw Ward 5 councillor Helen Carstens taking the seat as chairwoman for the first time.

In her opening speech, Ms Carstens said despite reminders about water use being too high, people were still not saving enough.

“We can only save water if members of the public help us to do so,” she said.

She thanked all those who were doing everything possible to save water but warned that those who continued to waste the resource needed to be held accountable.

“As with all things, it’s what we do individually that contributes to the whole,” she said.

Ward 107 councillor Nicky Rheeder approved three applications for the renewal of the extension of liquor trading hours in her ward as well as one liquor licence application.

In Ward 5, Ms Carstens approved the application for the renewal of the extension of liquor trading hours at a bottle store in Bothasig as well as the application for a liquor licence at Wimpy in Bothasig.

Councillor of the newly formed ward 113, Dr Joy McCarthy, backed the proposed sale of a vacant plot owned by the City in Donnington Road, Milnerton. Situated on erf 22542, the land is zoned as general industrial and has an estimated price of R2.5 million.