Losing battle

David Olivier, Bloubergstrand

In commenting on the article “Path covered by sand”,(Tabletalk letters, February 21), Suzette Little has commented that the areas of Blouberg beachfront were cleared on February 7.

However, even before this date, the City was spending hard-earned tax money to have this wind-blown sand cleared.

Just last week, there were plenty of heavy trucks, workmen and machinery clearing up the sand again due to the wind — it is a losing battle — and one that cannot be won by excuses of little funding.

Today is the February 21, and I can tell you, living on the beachfront, that 80% of the sand has returned due to the south-easter not two weeks later.

I am also informed that the first lot along Blouberg Road alone cost in excess of R1 million to have taken away — this is simply ridiculous.

The next lot was apparently more than that. How many millions are being spent on efforts where “due to budgetary constraints and limited resources” is going to be an excuse.

Elana Wessels quite rightly mentioned that thousands of people walk, run, ride along the specific pathway, which is in excess of 400m and is probably one of the most common walkways on Blouberg beachfront.

Why can the budget not simply allow for an aesthetically pleasing retaining system which will protect the walkway throughout the seasons including summer.

A small height retainer is all that is required (1m if that) and thereafter any fauna/flora associated with the area can be planted within the retainer wall including the top area (if need be).

This will provide a positive and practical long-term effect to this walkway area, be aesthetically pleasing and will be a great improvement and investment for the beachfront paved pathway.

The taxpayers will also be confident that their money is well spent.

I cannot imagine, being in the building industry, that this would cost an arm and a leg to resolve through a reputable company.

And this would lessen the unnecessary and hopeless expense and energy of always collecting sand and dumping it only for more sand to return to this walkway (and other areas).

This will also cost far less in maintenance to the City in future once this project is completed.