Man nabbed with abalone in Melkbos

A total of 1 091 units of abalone was recovered during a joint operation.
A man was arrested after the City’s Law Enforcement Marine Unit received a tip-off about poachers from the Melkbosstrand anti-poaching unit yesterday morning.

The officers went to Holbaai to cut them off when they spotted a white Honda with four men loading two bags into a vehicle.

A chase ensued and at Eerstesteen the men abandoned their vehicle leaving the bags that appeared to be abalone in the boot.

City law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason said, “Upon inspection the officers realised it was only a decoy to get them away from the actual poached abalone which was probably hidden.”

They then returned to where the vehicle was first observed and with the assistance of the anti-poaching unit, Avenue Response Security and the South African Police Service, the officers tracked the spoor of the carriers into the bush and found them lying with the bags.

They attempted to flee, but an officer managed to pin one suspect to the ground and he was arrested.

“In total 1 091 units of abalone was recovered. The suspect was arrested for being illegally in possession of abalone,” Mr Dyason said.
He also thanked everyone involved in the operation.

“(It was) a very encouraging example of various agencies including the local community coming together to fight the scourge of poaching.”