Massive ‘headache’ over

Guy Fawkes has come and gone, and, admittedly, there seems to have been no major destruction in its aftermath, except for a 14-year-old boy who had the better part of three fingers blown off while trying to light a firework. One has to give credit to the City for ensuring law enforcement and medical services were at hand close to the designated site in Table View. But at what cost?

How many more years and how much more money will be spent on what mayoral committee member for public safety JP Smith calls a “massive headache” the city “can do without”.

The City’s resources are limited and they can ill afford to spend it on a celebration that has nothing to do with South Africa.

The protest at this year’s Guy Fawkes may have been small, but hopefully it has forced some of us to think about the unnecessary harm fireworks cause, especially to animals.

If you really want to do something spectacular, use money you would have spent on fireworks to help someone who doesn’t have money to burn.

The smile on their face won’t light up the night sky, but it will make the world a slightly better place to live in.

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