MEC launches hygiene campaign

Charles Kwalie from Teddys Den collects rain water in a bin for their vegetable garden.

Social Development MEC Albert Fritz visited a Rugby creche last week to launch a campaign to promote hygiene and drought awareness at preschools.

Teddy’s Den creche received 30 hygiene packs during the function on Wednesday March 14.

Mr Fritz stressed the importance of saving water but not at the expense of practising good hygiene.

“I want to thank teachers for the work they do and for assisting and changing our behaviour towards water,” he said.
Al-Imdaad, an NGO, donated the hygiene packs, with toilet roll, toothpaste, a toothbrush, Vaseline, lotion, soap, and a face cloth.

Yusuf Rajah, from Al-Imdaad, said they would also give Teddy’s two months’ supply of drinking water.

Teddy Den principal Judy Philand said the creche was using grey water and had installed water-saving devices on its toilets.

“We try our utmost to defeat Day Zero. Thus far we have achieved it,” said Ms Philand.