Melkbos development draws flak

An artist’s impression of a proposed new development on the corner of Beach Road and 10th Avenue in Melkbosstrand.

A plan to build a four-storey block of flats on a Melkbosstrand beachfront property has drawn flak from residents.

The building – a mix of shops, offices and 15 flats – on the double plot on the corner of Beach Road and 10th Avenue has City approval and is set to go up next year.

However, neighbours say the height and width of the building exceed previous restrictions and that a single parking bay allocated to each flat will see the block’s residents and visitors parking in front of nearby houses.

They also say the development will lead to a lot more traffic and strain sewage infrastructure, causing more sewage spills

Neighbour Nicolas Carstens said the existing sewage infrastructure was already battling to cope.

Another resident, Cristina Fernandez del Valle, has got more than 1000 people to sign a petition opposing the development.

She claims Melkbosstrand has been plagued by a series of sewage spills over the past six years, and nothing had been done to fix the problem.

However, the City says the issues raised by the residents have been addressed and the development complies with municipal regulations.

“In terms of the planning process, the complaints were considered and evaluated against the decision-making criteria as contained in the planning by-law. The application was considered and found to be desirable,” said mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment Eddie Andrews.

The development also complied with height restrictions for the site, which had been rezoned, he said.

“Single residential zoning permits a height of 11m to the top of the roof. The application entailed a rezoning from single residential (SR1) to general business (GB2); the GB2 zoning presents an overall height restriction of 15m. The approved proposal’s height is 14.9m. It therefore does not exceed the permitted GB2 zoning height,” said Mr Andrews.

The developer, Peter Prinsloo, said the sewage issue was not the responsibility of the developer and should be taken up with the municipality.

He added that parking for all units was provided for in accordance with City by-laws, and should not be a problem.

The building is a mix of shops offices and 15 flats.