Members accept proposed changes to forum’s constitution

The Greater Table View Action Forum management committee, at back, from left, are Dirk van Niekerk, Simon Bloomer, Rhonda Knott Twine, Andre Potter and David Walters. In front are Lynette Kruger, Karen Davis, Martin Bar and Stephen Twine. Absent are Pip Outen and Peter Luhanga.

The Greater Table View Action Forum (GTAF) proposed changes to its constitution at its annual general meeting last week.

These were accepted by the members and residents present and included that the management committee (Manco) can attend 60% of meetings instead of the compulsory 80%; that Manco meet every month, including December, and that public meetings be held every second month instead of every month.

MancomemberSimon Bloomer asked those present to vote for the changes and they were unanimously adopted at the meeting on Wednesday April 25 at Sunningdale Primary school.

In her report, chairperson Karen Davis highlighted some positives and negatives such as the memorandum of understanding with the Dunoon Taxi Association that was meant to be signed last year but didn’t materialise (“GTAF hopes for taxi co-operation,” Tabletalk, September 20, 2017).

There were some positives like the Lights and Bibs Initiative where they partnered with the Pedal Power Association and gave 100 reflective bibs to schools in the area (“GTAF makes ride to school a little safer,” Tabletalk, July 5, 2017).

She also noted some other projects like the Echium Park upgrade (“Facelift for Echium Park,” Tabletalk, November 29, 2017).

One thing she made special mention of was the commitment by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) to plan five schools for the area starting in 2022.

“GTAF has recently joined the school’s forum and what I have noticed is that the need for schools is becoming dire. However, I am pleased that the department (WCED) is, in the interim, looking to upgrade or expand on the existing schools,” said Ms Davis.

The existing Manco members stood for re-election and there were no objections to this.

Ms Davis said she was grateful to the nearly 50 residents who came to the meeting and hopes this upward trend in attendance continues.