Messages of hope

Elizabeth Petersen, executive director, South Africa Faith and Family Institute (SAFFI)

South Africa and the world are facing unprecedented times as Covid-19 threatens our lives.

We appreciate the leadership on the part of President Cyril Ramaphosa and the national government.

We also appreciate the wisdom of faith leaders in our communities as they are respecting the importance of social distancing by closing their services during this time.

Faith leaders remain #EssentialServices when it comes to assisting people through tough times in life.

Although we pray and trust for a different outcome, it is said that we will still experience a really hectic time as we move into the second week of lockdown with this pandemic.

I urge you to please send out more messages of hope and practical guidance to your faith communities. Also if you can share some devotions that specifically speak to situations of domestic violence at this time of national lockdown.

Please see the contact numbers below for help with domestic violence during this Covid-19 lockdown period.

For encouraging messages from faith leaders from various faiths, like SAFFI’s Facebook page.

Many blessings.

For help dealing with gender-based violence, including contacting shelters, you can call Athlone House of Strength (telephonic counselling) on 021 862 9983