Mill Row renovations

Rob Heaney, Parklands

The view from Blaauwberg beach, overlooking Table Bay and on to Table Mountain, is truly beautiful. And, apart from a few hulking cargo ships and some high rise buildings in the city centre, that view hasn’t changed since Jan van Riebeeck pull into the bay all those centuries ago.

But just like the Huguenots couldn’t take it with them, neither can we.

The view doesn’t belong to anyone. Although we like to think it does.

I feel for the Burgers, it is a bit of a k*k one, but if someone builds in front of yours, there’s not much you can do about it (“Neighbours fight over room with no view”, Tabletalk April 19).

Especially when they went the legal route like Mr Brown did.

You make mention of how the renovations don’t consider the original plans of the “complex”.

The word “complex” is thrown around a lot, but Mill Row is clearly in a “free standing” situation.

Nice thing with free standing is there are no complex levies to pay.

In the complex where I live, there is a body corporate, everyone pays their monthly levies and there are a whole bunch of rules set in place so that you can’t even erect a satellite dish.

No alterations are allowed to the complex and if there ever are, the whole complex has to be on board.

It’s a bit restrictive, but the nice thing is, I’m guaranteed that nobody’s gonna build a great big brick wall up in front of my view.