Million milestone

A More than 1 000 pupils from Elkanah came together to form the 1000 000 figure. In the foreground are Elkanah House cheerleaders.

Elkanah House schools all came together on Thursday March 16 to celebrate the one million kilograms of recyclable waste the school has collected over the past seven years .

In 2010, Elkanah House launched a recycling project with the goal of reaching one million kilograms of recyclable waste; the equivalent in weight of visualising 167 African elephants on a soccer field. Pupils, staff, parents and residents in the last seven years have contributed an average of 4 000kg a week of recyclable waste to reach the milestone.

To celebrate this achievement a celebration at the high school campus for Grade 1 to 12s was held. Children contributed a bag of recyclable waste to the weekly collection point which overflowed onto the walkways at the high school.

They also brought a bottle of grey water from home to water the high school gardens, as part of their Water Wise@Elkanah initiative which was launched in February, in response to the water crisis.

Income generated from the recyclable waste is being used to fund the Recycle Swop Shop, an outreach initiative in Dunoon.

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