Milnerton cop arrested

A member of the SAPS anti-corruption unit arrests a policeman at the Milnerton police station.

An investigation by the SAPS anti-corruption unit has led to the arrest of a Milnerton policeman.

Detectives arrested a 31-year-old detective constable while he was on duty at the Milnerton police station, on Tuesday August 23.

Provincial police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk said: “The arrest shows that SAPS management is determined to uproot all forms of corruption and that police members who get involved in these activities are dealt with harshly.

“The investigation was related to cases of possession of stolen property and domestic violence, where bribery and tampering with an investigation docket led to cases being withdrawn. This resulted in a charge of corruption against the constable.”

Milnerton Community Police Forum (CPF) chairwoman Lianne Lippert said the arrest should be a warning to others.

“I was very surprised when I read the news report on the SAPS Facebook page – you often read about these things happening at other stations, never imagining it would happen at ‘your own’ station.

“I’m sure it must be extremely difficult to have to investigate a colleague, but I am very grateful that the (alleged) corruption has been identified and the SAPS member concerned has been arrested as this should serve as a warning to anyone else thinking of breaking the law.

“I understand Major-General Jordaan, our cluster commander, has vowed to stamp out corruption, and I believe this arrest is proof of this. It will be great for the image of Milnerton SAPS – it shows the community will not tolerate corruption, and hopefully it will inspire others to expose any wrongdoings,” said Ms Lippert.

She said she looked forward to the investigation being finalised and the officer, if found guilty, getting an appropriate punishment.

“We cannot allow one or two members to undo the hard work put in by the majority of the SAPS members,” she said.

The constable appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Thursday August 25.

The National Prosecuting Authority was unable to provide Tabletalk with more information about the court appearance by the time this edition went to print.