Milnerton watches help with roadblock

Members of the Milnerton Neighbourhood Watch.

Milnerton neighbourhood watches helped law-enforcement agencies run a roadblock last week.

The watches supported Milnerton SAPS, Milnerton CPF, Milnerton Crimewatch, the City’s Law Enforcement, Metro Police and the traffic department at the vehicle checkpoint in Koeberg Road, on Friday, from 6.30pm to 9pm.

According to Milnerton Community Police Forum spokeswoman, Jacqui Pember, all the vehicles stopped were checked for driver’s and car licences.

Hundreds of vehicles were stopped during Friday’s roadblock on Koeberg Road.

“Neighbourhood watch members explained what was happening to the motorists who got caught up in the roadblock and handed out reading material regarding various aspects of road safety, gender-based violence and Covid-19 protocols to the vehicle occupants. While officers wrote out plenty of fines for various infringements,” she said.

Ms Pember said it was disappointing to see how many unlicensed drivers and vehicles there were on the roads. However, she added, that almost everyone had been wearing seat belts and masks.