Milnerton woman hopes to find mom’s portrait

This photograph shows an unfinished version of the painting. The finished painting shows Ms McChesney wearing an oval tanzanite pendant.

Katherine Davy, of Milnerton, has spent four years looking for a painting of her mother, Penny McChesney, and is offering a reward to the person who returns it as “it means the world to her and her mother”.

The portrait was not meant to be part of the garage sale Ms Davys held four years ago, but it was placed among her personal belongings in the garage when she moved to her new Milnerton home and was accidentally sold.

During the garage sale, she went to go check on her baby while friends helped her with the sale.

Later, she noticed that the painting of her mother, holding a dog, was nowhere to be found.

She tried to find out who had sold the painting and asked for a description of the person who had bought it but no one could remember.

Her mother, who is now 63, was 45 when the portrait was done. Felicity Bell is the artist.

“That painting would mean the world to us if it was to be found because it was painted by my mother’s best friend,” she said.

All she has is a photograph of the unfinished painting, which is missing the oval tanzanite pendant worn by her mother in the finished version.

The painting would be of no value to anyone who had it, but was of great value to her family, she said.

“I would love to give the painting to the grandchildren so that they can have this unique heirloom of my mom,” said Ms Davy.

If you have seen the painting, contact Katherine Davy on WhatsApp at 083 234 9715.

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