More can be done

Barry Cooper, Sunningdale

I do not usually launch into print on the subjects in the week’s Tabletalk, but there was a time when we were proud of the fact that this was the only province being run properly, but I am afraid that time has past, and I have already had my say about the increases on the City website.

Anyone driving around Table View will be shocked to see the number of people hanging about Wood Drive etc seeking to put a crust on the table.

Patricia de Lille’s idea, two years ago, to convert the old Theological College in Potsdam Road to a shelter/haven was ideal.

I know that it was used by the Catholic community for services before they opened their church in Janssens Drive. So it would be a perfect site. Who owns the building? Is it still used for anything and, if so, what?

It is not enough to say that they “could not enter into a lease agreement”. How much would it cost to buy?

I am quite sure that most residents would prefer to see its conversion into a haven rather than an unnecessary bridge carrying nothing nowhere. I am also sure that the R20 million would more than cover all of the costs.

The so-called history becomes irrelevant in the light of the paper’s lead article (“Area ‘in desperate need of a shelter’,” Tabletalk, May 2), I think.