MyCiTi expands reach

Athina May

The R90 million MyCiTi B1 expansions has been put into action and will see the red and blue buses make their way into Summer Greens, Brooklyn, Sanddrift and Joe Slovo by Friday April 1.

The new MyCiTi feeder routes will be created on existing roads in these areas, and it’s hoped they will give more people the chance to get on the bus.

But some fear current problems on the network will be duplicated on the new routes.

West Beach resident Agi Orfanos said most stations from Sandown Road to the City had faulty doors and the yellow handrails were not being cleaned.

“The yellow handrail is black and sticky from the dirt and should be periodically cleaned, and there are no audio or visual working announcements. MyCiTi stinks, and is falling apart after six years. What happens in six more?” asked Mr Orfanos.

Brendan Keith Shaw responded to an advertisement of the expansion on the MyCiTi Bus Facebook page saying, “And yet, you can’t get your existing route T01 running smoothly. Go figure.”

Lauren Deyce also responded saying, “It’s pretty pointless expanding when it doesn’t contribute towards your network as a whole. You can’t get the older routes working in a way that is beneficial to your passengers. Do you actually expect good results with additional routes?”

Brett Herron, Mayco member for transport, responded to the criticism, saying all new MyCiTi roll-outs posed unique challenges which could be learnt from.

“From engagement with the local community, we apply new solutions and improve on our processes. Importantly, new routes take time to settle, vehicle operating companies operating the buses on the new routes also need time to settle into their schedules.

“During this time, officials from Transport for Cape Town will monitor the service to see what changes are needed,” said Mr Herron.

He said the service had already benefited communities in areas surrounding the B1expansion, generating 3 256 days of work for locals. More job opportunities would flow from station management contracts and vehicle operating companies.

The expansion would also cut the number of taxis on Koeberg, Albert, and Loxton roads and Strand Street, among others.

“The number of taxis to be withdrawn will be determined in accordance with Transport for Cape Town’s taxi withdrawal programme. The exact number is still being finalised.

“The final figure will depend on the number of MyCiTi buses to operate along the feeder routes and the passenger demand in these areas. If all goes according to plan, the new feeder routes will be rolled out on Saturday 2 April 2016,” said Mr Herron.

Public information sessions about the B1 expansion will take place for residents in Sanddrift, Joe Slovo Park, Milnerton, Brooklyn, Sherwood Park, Summer Greens, Robinvale and Saxonsea, with the first planned for Tuesday March 15 and the last for Wednesday March 30.

* Visit the MyCiTi website at for time and location details.

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