MyCiTi staffer delivers baby


The Omuramba MyCiTi station in Racecourse Road, Milnerton, turned into a maternity ward for a few minutes on Monday March 14, when MyCiTi staff helped a pregnant commuter deliver a healthy baby boy.

The hero on the day was Xolani Stofile, a MyCiTi station manager with first-aid experience, who was visiting staff at the Omuramba station.

“It was just after 1pm when Xolani noticed the pregnant woman waiting at the door to the ladies’ bathroom, which was occupied. She seemed to be in pain and then her water broke unexpectedly.

“Xolani stepped up like a professional ‘mid-husband’, removing her stockings just in time and making her comfortable as she was giving birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy,” said Mayco member for transport, Brett Herron.

As this drama was unfolding, other MyCiTi staffers evacuated the front end of the station to give the mother and child some privacy.

“Luckily the station was not busy at the time. The personnel sent for an ambulance which took the 31-year-old mother and newborn child to Somerset Hospital.

“The father told us he is extremely grateful to Xolani and to all of those who assisted his wife and boy, whom they have named Gilbert Gabriel,” said Mr Herron.

Gilbert and his mother have been discharged from hospital and are now back at home in Joe Slovo.

“We are extremely proud of Xolani who stepped up and assisted the mother during this difficult time,” said Mr Herron.