Mystery around Melkbos man’s disappearance

Riaan Oberholzer disappeared last week Monday and no one has heard from him since.

A Melkbosstrand woman says she has been living a nightmare for the past week after her husband’s disappearance.

Quinette Barrington, 36, says she has been unable to sleep since Riaan Oberholzer, disappeared on Monday November 4 on his way to work in Goodwood.

The day started like any other, she says. Riaan woke up first and got ready for work while she and the couple’s three daughters slept.

“When he was done, he woke us up and made tea and coffee for everyone. There wasn’t anything odd about the day, and he left for work as normal, at around 5.40am.”

She says Riaan is quiet and laid-back. The two met at the beginning of 2014. She has two daughters from her previous marriage and Riaan has one from his. They raise their daughters – who are 13, 10 and 4 – together.

“I keep asking myself thousands of questions as to what might have happened to him and where he is.

“The two eldest girls know what’s happening, and I catch them sometimes just sitting quietly in deep thought. I can see they miss him.

“The 4-year-old is still a bit young to understand what is happening. I tell her that daddy is working away for a while. I’m just hoping he comes back soon,” says Quinette.

She says when she tried calling Riaan’s work at 8am on the day he vanished she was told he hadn’t arrived. She kept phoning throughout the day, trying to get hold of him.

“I got in touch with his family as well and they are also doing their best to find him.”

According to Melkbosstrand police spokeswoman Sergeant Debbie Alard, they are following all leads and the investigation is still ongoing.

On Friday, Quinette took a few of Riaan’s personal belongings to the police station in case they need them for DNA and to rule out unidentified people they might find.

Meanwhile,Melkbosstrand residents have rallied in support of the family.

Riaan is the sole breadwinner, so some have come with job offers for Quinette as well as food parcels and offers of financial assistance.

“I am so grateful to live in such a loving and helpful community. The little visits I receive from people and others that helped with a search party we had on Sunday. I am grateful to all of them,” she said.