Nasty ‘hidden’ noise

Agi Orfanos, West Beach

It’s not the first time I read of these complaints (“Noise nuisance,” Tabletalk November 6).

Even in my suburb it’s not necessarily the sound of music that irritates, it’s often the “hidden” bass that transmits and vibrates inside one’s chest or the windows of the house; or the other extreme, the treble, which comes through as a tinny metallic irritable sound.

It’s unacceptable that people have no regard for their neighbours.

I have been to parties as a videographer and was shocked to see the gross abuse of alcohol in such immense amounts by people who then drive themselves home.

I always wore ear plugs and still I went to bed with buzzing ears.

The sad thing is that little kids and babies are often at these parties where the sound exceeds safety levels and speakers are near the children and dining tables.

This causes irreversible and permanent hearing loss and damage.

Often, guests at the parties are ignorant of the health hazards and harm caused by such loud music.

It’s unfair to pay rates and taxes if the authorities or law enforcement are powerless to act or maintain good neighbourliness.