No road sweepers

Christine Collins, Sunningdale

After reading the complaint about street sweepers in Table View, I was amazed to discover that they really exist (“South Road,” October 19). Wow!

I have lived here for 16 years and seen them just once in my street in Sunningdale. So, why is South Street so special (even though it seems they are doing their usual lazy style job?)

Can the council spokeswoman tell us why 95 percent of Table View has no road sweepers? I sweep our own section of street. And so I ask, why are people here so lazy, and can’t they see the disgusting state of their own house fronts?

It doesn’t matter whether you rent or buy, clean up!

Mayoral committee member for utility services, Ernest Sonnenberg responds:

Residential areas in the city are cleaned twice a year, save for areas with high pedestrian traffic. Generally, the City does not favour some streets over others and encourages residents to keep their areas clean.

If there are specific areas that require ad hoc intervention, residents can log a service request via our call centre and we will provide a cleansing service in that area as well as carry out awareness and educational interventions.

South Road has high pedestrian volumes, hence the attention that was given. Since July 1, a Mayoral programme has been in place covering every ward, including the areas in Sunningdale.

The programme will be drawing to a close on November 25.