No shade at MyCiTi stops

James Learmonth, Parklands

MyCiTi has a bus service past Table Bay Mall which is quite a busy centre.

However, there is no shelter and even worse nowhere to sit either.

Both bus stops for the mall are located in wide open spaces with absolutely no protection against the weather at all. See if MyCiTi cares. Many times I have seen six or more passengers standing there waiting for a bus. Often there are elderly women leaning on their trolleys for support and mothers with small children on their backs.

It seems that as far as Mayco member for transport Felicity Purchase and the bus service are concerned it’s just tough luck – wait for your bus to arrive we do not care if you get wet, cold or very hot, that’s your problem not ours. Interesting to see if anyone from the City can explain.

Mayco member for transport Felicity Purchase, responds: The City will provide shelters at a number of MyCiTi bus stops in Cape Town over the coming 18 months. The Berkshire-West bus stop is included on the list of bus stops where shelter is needed given the number of passengers using that location to board the bus. It is important to add that the City does not provide shelters at all bus stops due to vandalism and theft. Vandalism and theft usually occur at stops that are not that busy.