Non-profit offers coding course for women

CodeGirls operations manager Maryam Kriel-Moosa outside the premises in Observatory.

A non-profit company is offering low-cost computer training, in Observatory, to women.

CodeGirls, a project of non-profit company Uniglobal Initiative, teaches women coding and business skills during a 16-week course to help them break into the tech industry, according to operations manager Maryam Kriel-Moosa.

“We are exclusively a women-only coding boot camp with the goal of making the tech industry more inclusive for women in the country,” she said.

The project gets funding from Pakistan-led tech companies.

Five women joined a pilot coding course in October last year, and this year, the project aims to enrol 48 women – 16 in each of three semesters.

Each woman pays a R500 registration fee, which is refunded if they score 80% attendance, pass their modules and “show an intent to do well”, according to Ms Kriel-Moosa.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), jQuery and JavaSript are part of the course.

Tanweer Adams, from Surrey Estate, said she had enjoyed learning website design and other skills during the pilot programme.

“It has been an exciting experience doing this course. After you see the outcome of what you learnt put to practice, you know you created something.”

Ms Kriel-Moosa said the next course would start on Monday January 29. To register, WhatsApp your name to 081 451 5347 or email or

Tanweer Adams, from Surrey Estate, was part of the pilot programme.