Officials to prioritise taxi-related issues

Traffic services principal inspector Desre Benadie, left, and law enforcement officer Sylvinho Nunes.

Taxi-related problems in Milnerton will be a priority for traffic officials next year, principal inspector Desre Benadie told the Milnerton Community Police Forum (CPF) annual general meeting.

Inspector Benadie said traffic services had been very busy last month.

“We had quite a few drag-racing operations in the Milnerton area, which resulted in 10 drivers being arrested for negligent driving. Since September to November, more than 14 000 traffic fines were issued in the Milnerton area alone.”

Metro police, SAPS, law enforcement and traffic services gave report backs during the meeting on Tuesday December 6.

CPF chairwoman Lianne Lippert said the election of new executive members would happen at the forum’s first meeting next year, because there was no Department of Community Safety or cluster representative at Tuesday’s meeting.

Robbie Robberts, the City’s director of policing and enforcement services, said a recent incident in which taxi drivers had assaulted him had reminded him how dangerous a traffic officer’s job could be. “This incident made me realise what one traffic officer out there alone goes through. We cannot have them on the road alone, and we need to think of having a different approach,” said Mr Robberts.

Milnerton CPF treasurer Andrew Mentoor said the CPF had R8 970 available, as of last month. Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch had R16 340 and Summer Greens had R160. Tygerhof Neighbourhood Watch and Summer Greens Ratepayers’ Association had no available funds.

Ms Lippert said the CPF needed a secretary, assistant secretary and projects co-ordinator.

The position of vice-chairman also opened up as Dean Williams handed in his letter of resignation before the meeting.

“Everyone is very quick to whine about what’s wrong in the area. They need to realise if they can’t be bothered to get involved, they can’t complain,” said Ms Lippert.

The next Minerton CPF meeting will be a special general meeting and will be held on Tuesday February 7. Email or call 083 708 3670 for more information.