Opposition to Milnerton development

Developers have applied for the approval of a multi-million rand mixed-use development, Table Bay Suites, in Milnerton.

A developer’s plan for a seven-storey building with a mix of shops, offices and flats – near Milnerton Mall has met opposition from residents and customers of a nearby shop who say parking is already a nightmare around the mall.

But the developer says the parking lot is “ugly” and that the construction of this multi-million rand building is not only within his rights but will also uplift the area.

It’s probably worth noting, though, that the developer lives in Stellenbosch, an area far removed from Cape Town’s choking streets, and, more importantly, a place where there is no urban-design policy nudging people to ditch their cars in favour of public transport.

While developments are a given in city the size of Cape Town, the age-old question comes to mind: just because it is legal, does it make it right?

One would like to know where most of these developers live and also if they would be okay with a multi-storey development popping up next door to them.