Parklands College goes up in phases

Early days at Parklands College.

The construction of Parklands College began in 1998, when Christopher Robin Pre-Primary School – originally founded by Lorraine Roth on the Atlantic Seaboard in March 1980 – relocated to Parklands and subsequently to Sandown.

The college is the largest landowner in Parklands and Sandown with about 25 hectares of land shared between the campuses, much of it for recreation and sport.

The school was built in phases, starting with the pre-primary and preparatory campuses followed by the secondary campus in Sandown in 2010.

The college boasts a wide range of facilities and has laboratories for information and communications technology, computer graphics and animation, robotics, science and life sciences and engineering graphics and design; studios for sound engineering and film production; specialist venues for music, drama, dance, arts, design and technology and hospitality; and sports facilities.