Parklands man charged with perjury

A Parklands man has been charged with perjury after opening a hijacking case.

The man claimed that he had been hijacked on Wednesday November 2 and opened a case at the Table View police station.

Table View police spokesman Captain Adriana Chandler said police had subsequently spotted the man’s car on the R27 and pulled it over.

“The occupants were family members of the person who reported the case and were surprised when police started questioning them,” said Captain Chandler.

It was established that the man had reported a false case to police.

Two homeless people have been arrested for robbing a 65-year-old man.

According to Captain Adriana Chandler from the Table View police station, the Table View man was walking in Blaauwberg road around 2pm on Thursday October 27 when he was robbed of his wallet by two known homeless people.

The victim gave a description of the suspects to the police who took his statement.

On Tuesday November 1, Sergeant Rowan Dowie and Constable Lucinda Goodman saw the suspects in a park in Parklands and arrested them on robbery charges.