Paying it foward

Betty and Allen Norris, Sunningdale

Having returned from holiday, our cupboard was bare, so my husband and I set out to restock at our local supermarket where they have a great assortment of reduced products nearing or at expiry date which helps the budget.

At the till, I asked my husband how much we had spent because at 83 years old, my eyes are not as they used to be! He told me how much, and I asked him for R50 extra. As I was getting funds together, the lady behind me spoke to the cashier, who then said to me: “I will be with you in a moment.” I wondered why she could be dealt with before we were finished, but just waited.

The lady then turned to me and said: “I have paid your account. “I was overwhelmed and replied, “Why?” She said: “I just wanted to.”

We accepted (I hope) gracefully. I now want to share the happiness with everyone and to thank the generous lady.