Pedestrian bridge must be erected

How many more pedestrians from Dunoon need to die before a pedestrian bridge is erected over the N7? The current situation is disastrous for innocent pedestrians and motorists alike. Please can someone address this issue? – Ria, Table View.

Mosque wall

* Civilisation is that there are rules and the people stick to them. That churches have “popped up” was already wrong but that must stop – Roald Herlan, Brooklyn.

* After reading your article about the building of the mosque being put on hold, to my shock and horror, I found out that a church is in the process of being built on my street corner. Coming off Gie Road, Guilford is already a very busy road as you turn into Seafarer Close. Not only do I get harassed by Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on my door, which sets the neighbourhood dogs barking, they also have stalls in Parklands Main Road. I would have thought that in this age of science and reason we would see fewer places of worship being built, but in Parklands there is a church around every corner. I sincerely hope that the church on the corner of Gie and Guilford will be reconsidered for the same reason as the mosque – Adelle Ross, Parklands.

* Can they not accept that it is wiser to be open and honest about what they plan to construct among neighbours? The reality remains that we can avoid conflict by talking to each other first. Let’s find solutions and not conflict please – Chris Potgieter, Table View.


* As a recent buyer of property in Edgemead, which I intended to be my retirement accommodation, I object most strongly as I used my life’s savings to buy the house only to find I’m going to suffer intolerable aircraft noise and my purchase will be devalued. This has ruined my retirement plans and investment. If other countries can build runways extending over the sea, why can’t South Africa. This would not be tolerated in other countries. Please record my vehement objection – Andrew Lane, Edgemead.