Phoenix performer has stars in his eyes

Nathan always looks ready for the camera, even when he's not on stage.

Nathan Muller, of Phoenix, is getting ready to take America by storm after being hand-picked to attend the International ARTS Talent Showcase in July.

The 22-year-old performer is a man of many talents ranging from acting, dancing, singing and, until just recently, modelling.

Originally from Maitland, he moved to Phoenix with his family at the age of one. When he asks his parents exactly when they moved they say, “You started crawling in Maitland and started walking in Phoenix.”

Nathan went St Agnes Primary School in Woodstock.

His passion for the arts started at Milnerton High School, where he got involved in numerous stage productions, such as District Six the Musical and Hairspray.

“That was where I discovered that I can actually sing, dance and act. What really helped was that the school had a very good drama facility where I could showcase my talents,” says Nathan.

Like a lot of youngsters, after matric, he was not sure what to do with his life, so he went to study at the International Hotel School.

“After all of that, in 2017, I found myself stuck again not knowing what to do and I was at home for about four months. I used that time to reflect on exactly what it was that I wanted to do.”

It was then that he decided he wanted a career in the performing arts. But did the performing arts want him? At first it didn’t seem like it.

He went knocking on a lot of doors but none opened and Nathan feared he had made a terrible mistake.

“I approached a number of agencies and they all said they were full or I’m not what they’re looking for, and I thought this might be a sign that this isn’t for me.

“For the past six months, I’ve been working at the Century City Hotel but on the 13th of January, I handed in my resignation because I felt that performing was what I really wanted to do.

“After doing that, I got call after call from agencies in Cape Town and Joburg and I’m grateful that I took that leap of faith.”

Meanwhile, Nathan has been nominated for two awards at the Cape Amateur Theatre Awards that will be held in March.

He is nominated for most promising newcomer for his role in The Full Monty and for the best supporting actor in a play or musical also for The Full Monty.