Photographer hijacked

Ayanda Ndamane

African News Agency photojournalist Ayanda Ndamane said he had had no choice but to fight “if he wanted to live” when he was hijacked along Koeberg Road in Milnerton early on Monday morning.

On his way home to Blue Downs on Monday July 31, Mr Ndamane said two women standing along the side of the road had flagged him down for help.

“I was sceptical, but they were alone and it was night, and I decided to stop. That’s when the one jumped in front of the car, the other on to the front seat, and a guy got into the back and pressed something against the back of my head,” said Mr Ndamane.

He said he had co-operated and was told to drive to a house in Carlisle Street, Brooklyn, where four more men emerged from the garage and ransacked his car.

“I had R1 800 in my wallet and pleaded with them to let me go, but one guy started to beat me and drag me towards the house. I threw the keys away and fought back, as I knew I would be killed if he got me into that house,” Mr Ndamane said.

He said during the fight he had bitten his attacker on his hand, breaking the skin, and run to Koeberg Road, where he flagged down someone who took him to Milnerton police station.

Mr Ndamane said the officers on duty had not wanted to go to the crime scene without back-up, and they were preparing to end their shift.

Returning to the scene with other officers after 10am, he said they had found the house illegally occupied by the suspects. Drugs and other items were found at the scene.

Mr Ndamane said he had then identified one of the suspects, and police took her fingerprints before releasing her.

His wife, Pumla Ndamane, said she was relieved her husband was safe, as they had two young daughters.

Police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said anyone with information could contact Crime stop at 086 0010 111.

– Cape Times